Storage & Filing

Space in any project is valuable. Let our storage solutions give your the best return on your investments. From high density storage to equipment storage to closet systems to racks & shelving. We will help you save space and help you grow.

We have two of the best storage solutions in the industry. SPACEFILE for high density storage and shelving and ELFA for shelving and closet systems.

Great for any industry: Healthcare, law firms, civic, public safety, mortgage, courts, jails, housing, residence halls, urban living, and revenue streams.

Asset TrackingAsset Tracking

Asset Tracking

Spacefile‘s Asset tracking system (SAT) uses RFID reader to t rack any kind of asset.

Spacefile SAT

High Density StorageHigh Density Storage

High Density Storage

Spacefile products can be rearranged or reconfigured to meet changing requirements.

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Athletic StorageAthletic Storage

Athletic Storage

Our systems have been chosen to organize and protect any athletic equipment.

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Optimizing storage and managing floor space is a major challenge in the Retail.

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Managing floor space and organizing storage is a major challenge in the auto industry.

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Spacefile’s solutions for hospitals, health/medical clinics, and laboratories.

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Spacefile’s industrial galvanized steel shelving optimizes storage while managing floor space.

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Spacefile systems store everything from books and magazines, to videos, DVDs, computers, and multi-media.

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